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Ablaze18 – Open Air Gospel Event, Wolverhampton

The connect group of Churches hosted 4 days of open-air worship and preaching in West Park Wolverhampton. I came on board to capture the event and extend its reach into social media. I spend the whole time filming and photographing the event and then editing and uploading stuff to facebook.

Fun to film a Carlos Annacondia Event!

Have a look at the final day’s highlights video.


[arve url=”” /]

and their facebook page for the rest of the media I put together during the four days!

Marple Physiotherapy – Photo + Video Content

Marple physio were having their website rebuilt by the Design Lobby, and they needed new photos and video content for the website. So I spent the day at the practice capturing things that did.

You can see a few pictures below, or head to the website to see the content as it was always destined!

Screen shots from the site:


It was all captured on the Fujifilm X-H1, mostly with the XF 35mm + 16mm, which are both lovely lenses. I particulary enjoyed doing the insitue portraits of the staff, they came out out really natural! The video was used in the main header of the site, you can see it live on the site.

King’s House Conference Centre Promo

The client was heading to a big expo and wanted to have a video as part of their market stall. I spent the day filming various bits around the building to show the building off. I also had Pete Johnson in to fly a drone over the city and venue to really help set the scene of the venue being Manchester based.

You can watch it below…

[arve url=”” /]

Filmed on the Lumix GX80, with a gimbal and slider where needed. The drone with the DJI Phantom 4. All the titling is done in Motion 5, and the music is Soundstripe.

Daniel Chand – Highlights 2017

I have worked with Daniel a while now and was excited when he voiced the idea of a highlights/look back at the last year video. This is what I came up with…

[arve url=”” /]

My plan is to do a bit of a case study on the journey from a 2K following to 30K following, once we get there, 3K to go as of today, so, for now, I’ll keep this post short!


Budapest Travel Film 2017

We went to Budapest, and it was cold! Great though. I loved putting this film together from the trip.


Filmed with the Lumix GX80, Lumix 20mm f1.7 + Zhiyun Crane M.

Edited & Graded in FCPX 10.4 – The new curve tools are incredible, not as well put together as Lumetri colour though.

Music from

[arve url=”” /]

Zeal Church – Stockport, Church Film

Zeal is a new church Based in my hometown of Stockport. When they asked me to come and make them a video to show off their new Sunday meeting location I couldn’t wait. We met at the St Mary’s Church in the centre of Stockport and spent an hour or so filming, inside and out. They had come ready with a script making things very easy for me!

I finished the edit on the video later that afternoon which was quickly approved! Watch it below!

[arve url=”” /]

Daniel Chand – Boldness Series

I work with Daniel Chand often and am always producing videos for him. But this series has been different. It is a standalone set of videos that have one theme. Filmed in two locations, and mostly from two angles. The videos allowed for a more creative filming style as you can see, that helped add energy to the message.

I have attached three of my favourites from the series.

Shot with… The BMPCC + Lumix G7. The last two videos linked are both filmed with the Zyhian Crane M, the ‘You are more than a conqueror’ video was shot solely on the gimbal with the Lumix G7.

The Videos

[arve url=”” /]

[arve url=”” /]

[arve url=”” /]

Until next time.

USMM Promo Film

This was another great project I have been fortunate enough to work on recently. A Ministry Training school in Manchester wanted a film to help promote it’s course. On asking me, this is what I came up with…

[arve url=”” /]

The process

The idea came from conversations with the principle of the school and after the interviews, I filmed with a number of past and present students. Filming the interviews was great fun and totally worth it. I filmed with I think 9 or 10 people each for around 5/6 minutes with a number of questions. Although I only used tiny segments of what they said, having longer filming with them is crucial. It’s important so that people felt comfortable, to be honest, and genuine in front of the camera.

The film was edited as usual in FCPX, the titles were mainly done in Motion 5. The shots at the beginning are filmed by me on the Zhiyun Crane M with the G7.


His Presence 2017 Conference – London

This was one of the longest events I have been on in a while. It was loads of fun and loads of work. I was tasked with capturing all the sessions from the day. Along with this, I was also taking photos. I was filming from three angles by myself, which is harder than it sounds. With cameras needing to be checked every half hour, and speakers moving all over the place it’s not a perfect situation, but I can happily say that I pulled it off.

The filming of the conference

With the three angles, one was centre straight at the speaker, and one to the right. The third was set behind the speaking getting a nice wide shot of the room along with the side of the speaker – definitely one of my favourite shots. The full sessions are now on Youtube, I have attached one below, along with the highlights film from the day.

[arve url=””/]

And one of the session videos…

[arve url=””/]

Conference Photos

Some of the photographs from the event

Youtube vs Facebook vs Vimeo

Youtube vs Facebook vs Vimeo

There are many different platforms for hosting your videos, and the arguments for using each one are different as each one has their own advantages (and limits). A few years ago there was just two – Youtube and Vimeo. And the decision between the two was fairly simple, if you wanted lots of people to watch your video then you chose Youtube, and if you were looking for a more professional and creative look then Vimeo it was. But Facebook has changed all of this. With it’s continuing push towards video, and the way it limits the reach of externally hosted videos it seems that Facebook has pushed itself well and truly into the arena.

So first, I’ll break down each platform to look at their strengths and weaknesses, and then we can come back and look at what could suit you.


The king. The one we all know and love. The one with the great community. Youtube has an incredible community and when you upload content the best way (more on this in the future) you can create a really powerful following. This is something Facebook seems to miss, all the videos are viral type videos, it is all quick in the moment content.


  • Great player + apps across every platform
  • Great watching community
  • Ability to really grow your following.


  • Doesn’t work as well when sharing to facebook
  • Sometimes messy player
  • ADS

Youtube Screen Shot


The one with great quality, but less reach on the platform. I find Vimeo videos do better on facebook then Youtube videos do. Once you open a plus account (£60/year) then you can embed the videos anywhere without any reference to Vimeo which is really great for client website etc – Youtube + facebook videos look messy like this.


  • Good player
  • Looks professional
  • No ads over videos.
  • Loads of professional tools once you start paying


  • Limited space on the free plan
  • Player doesn’t work as well as Youtube’s

Vimeo Player


Facebook Video has been around for a while, but it becoming more and more prominent. It is clearly starting to have effects on youtube, especially when it comes to people/brands with a mid-sized following – They will find themselves split in where to post content. Facebook video allows huge reach and affordable easy advertising with video too. These reasons alone are almost enough to give Facebook the crown now, but I think it’s more complicated than that.


  • Huge organic reach
  • Easy to advertise
  • Cross platform works great
  • Autoplay


  • Quality limited to 720p
  • Lots of ‘views’ are not more than 10 seconds without sound
  • Can be difficult to use video to build a community.

Facebook Full screen Video


My issue with Facebook video is the autoplay – although it means it catches people’s attention it means the ‘quality of the viewer’ is certainly lower than if someone has clicked to play a video on youtube for example. That being said, with the limitation of youtube (+ Vimeo) videos on Facebook if you are a brand with a big Facebook following, then without a doubt, you should use Facebook video. Then on your website, you could embed your videos using Vimeo or Wistia (if budget allows it.)

So should you never use youtube? Not at all. If you are wanting to have a real connection with your audience through video then YouTube may work best. If you are making good videos regularly then I think it is worth looking at how you can use YouTube for the full videos, and then create short clips for Facebook.

Live streaming is another factor in the mix. Currently, it’s much easier to go live on facebook then it is on Youtube. But Youtube are reportedly developing a ‘GoLive’ app so you can stream live straight from your phone like on Facebook. But if proper streaming with switching gear etc is what you are looking at, its back to the reach vs quality and features argument. You can also add in Twitter + Periscope into this conversation if you wanted to! But another time I think!

Bottom Line

Youtube – Community for regular uploaders + a back catalogue of your video content. Committed to video for the long run? This is for you.

Vimeo – Professional looking hosting great for showing your videos off – works well on embedding to your site.

Facebook – Reaching the most amount of people.

In short – use them all. If you have a great video, or great videos then wherever you post them they will do well, cause the most important thing is good story and content.

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