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  • Daniel Chand – Liverpool 2016

    Daniel Chand Speaking at JesusLoves16

    Daniel Chand is an evangelist in the UK, he has a prominent youtube presence, and the tagline of his ministry is saving the lost at any cost. We met last year at JesusLoves15 but have only recently started working together. I have come in as his Video person. So far I have worked on a number […]

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  • Live Streaming JesusLoves16

    JEsusLoves16 - Facebook Live

    JesusLoves16 was amazing, and you can still watch the whole thing on Facebook Live. I love being part of the conference every year. This year was no exception. The demands of the conference always push what is possible in the time and budget. This year, a week before the event started I was called to say […]

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  • Photobooth-ing!


    This weekend, I ran a photobooth with my wife at the King’s Church Summer Party. It was great fun, I tethered a 600D with Lightroom 4 to develop the photos as they were taken. There are then automatically added to a slideshow which was shown on screens around the room. The automatic process really adds […]

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  • Carol Godby’s Pop Show 2016

    Carol Godby pop show

    Carol Godby’s Pop Show was a charity event run to raise money for several local children’s charities. I was asked just a few days before if I could film the event to create a highlights reel of the event. I filmed the event with my usual cameras and gear + borrowed a Steadicam which made all […]

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  • Product Photography Examples

    Cap Letters (1 of 1)

    I have been pushing myself in near areas of photography recently, and this week it has been product photography. I shot these mostly with natural light, but I would love to get some studio lights and flashes and try these again. Edited them in Photoshop of course. Two of these shots were taken outside, I […]

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  • Greenhead Park, Huddersfield

    Greenhead park, Huddersfield

    I was early for another project in Huddersfield so I took my camera around the park. Not super exciting more of a test. I’m not amazed at how the grading turned out, in fairness it was quick and rough. Perhaps some noise reduction would have helped. – Next time. It was the first time I […]

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  • Compelled16 – Kings Church

    compelled title

    On my church weekend away, and I of course took my cameras, I took a few photos, and a few brief clips of film. The video footage went together nicely, and so did the photos. Both are attached below. Date: January 2016 Location: Cefn Lea Park, Wales. Type: Personal Work/Video + Photography Length: 30 Seconds […]