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  • Youtube vs Facebook vs Vimeo

    Youtube vs facebook vs vimeo

    Youtube vs Facebook vs Vimeo There are many different platforms for hosting your videos, and the arguments for using each one are different as each one has their own advantages (and limits). A few years ago there was just two – Youtube and Vimeo. And the decision between the two was fairly simple, if you […]

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  • Three Promo Videos!

    Promo videos

    Yes, I do lots of Promo videos, I thought I would push these three into one post. I have been really busy recently, and I wanted to share these on here. They are all different styles, but all worth a watch, and as usual I loved producing all of these! JesusLoves So the first is […]

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  • Awakening Europe – Scandinavia

    The Brief Where do I start with this, Awakening Europe was incredible and a real privilege to be part of it. The event saw thousands of Christians gather from all over Scandinavia and Europe. Ben Fitzgerald and GODFest Ministries hosted the event. The event had the heart to disturb the normal and see Stockholm and Europe […]

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  • Fusion – SWC16

    Fusion work with Churches, student workers, and students all over the UK and Europe. They have a heart to see Jesus change campuses all over Europe and beyond. They run a yearly conference amongst other things, and this year I was there capturing the event. Event Videography I filmed all the conference sessions, while also […]

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  • Daniel Chand – Liverpool 2016

    Daniel Chand Speaking at JesusLoves16

    Daniel Chand is an evangelist in the UK, he has a prominent youtube presence, and the tagline of his ministry is saving the lost at any cost. We met last year at JesusLoves15 but have only recently started working together. I have come in as his video producer. So far I have worked on a number […]

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  • Live Streaming JesusLoves16

    JesusLoves16 was amazing, and you can still watch the whole thing on Facebook Live. I love being part of the conference every year. This year was no exception. The demands of the conference always push what is possible in the time and budget. This year, a week before the event started I was called to say […]

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  • GBT Consulting – Web Design

    GBT consulting Web design and branding

    This project was slightly different to my normal photo/video work… Web design. The client needed a site building, along with branding, and hosting set up. I also set up email for them too. The site needed to be simple, with the purpose of acting like an online work history/CV, while still being professional and easy […]

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  • Photobooth-ing!

    This weekend, I ran a photobooth with my wife at the King’s Church Summer Party. It was great fun, I tethered a 600D with Lightroom 4 to develop the photos as they were taken. There are then automatically added to a slideshow which was shown on screens around the room. The automatic process really adds […]